Piano lessons


My teaching approach is based on a solid foundation of technical training and guidance combined with creative forays into various musical styles and traditions of interpretation and composition.


Of central importance to me is that my students feel confident in their ability to express themselves musically and experience the joy of testing their advancing skills.



Essential elements of my lessons, which are weighted differently according to the student’s age, interests and current level of ability, include:


  • joy and fun discovering and becoming familiar with the conditions and musical possibilities of the instrument

  • the development of a natural, easy-going style of piano playing, which involves the whole body and the flow of one's breath

  • the preparation of songs and compositions from different eras, with the aim of familiarising the student with a variety of musical styles and techniques

  • the cultivation of a sound piano technique, which allows one to add subtle nuances to each individual tone

  • the ability to freely improvise on the piano

  • the training of hearing skills and of one's musical imagination

  • the acquisition of solid music-reading and sight-reading skills and the ability to quickly understand melodic-harmonic connections within a piece of music

  • learning how to practice efficiently


Lessons for children normally take place on a weekly basis during the school term. With adult students, other arrangements are possible, depending on an individual’s level of motivation and schedule.



Twice a year young students have the possibility to take part in a recital, at which they could perform before a small audience in a private setting.

For a small donation or free, interested students under the age of twelve can participate several times in the year in group improvisation workshops at the exploratorium berlin, which I moderate together with Matthias Schwabe, the head and founder of this institution.